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 Headshot and Model Portfolio Photographer Information 

New York Photographer
Alex Kaplan



 New York and New Jersey based photographer, Alex started shooting headshots professionally 13 years ago at the age of 21 in New York City at upper east side's  "Eastside Photography", which was one of the busiest headshot studios in Manhattan. At that time, he also managed the studio lab and imaging department. He has been shooting fashion and model portfolio's for 8 years for agencies in New York and New Jersey as well as industry beginner clients without representation. Want to know more? Just Call or Email, I would love to hear from you!


What should I bring to my shoot?

  1. Please DO NOT arrive to the studio Late or Early.

  2. Your Favorite CD.

  3. Your hair/makeup styled. (Unless you are getting hair and makeup with us. If so, then the hair should be washed and face moisturized).

  4. Hair Brush

  5. Wear clear deodorant

  6. Clothes for Headshots - Solid Colors, Black is good, leave white at home unless you wear it underneath something. Bring sweaters and jackets (leather is always good). V-necks elongate the face, so bring them. Short sleeves or sleeveless usually do not look good in headshots. Suits are great for men as an additional look. Clothes should be neatly pressed and should be new or like new. Dark Clothes: Attract less attention to them and more attention to your face and eyes.  Dark Clothing also can draw your facial features out. The most important is to wear clothes that are comfortable and ones that you feel you look GREAT in.
    Clothes for Modeling -  is a little different, best bet is to call me so we can discuss your looks. Bring accessories and your personality things like a laptops or palm pilots, or anything cool and original.
    Wear Loose fitting clothes on the way to the studio and try not to wear socks. If you are going to wear revealing clothes, don't wear  underwear as it may mark your skin.
    Men - Please have form fitting clothes for the actual photo shoot.

  7. Any products you prefer to wear on your face and hair.

  8. If you are doing your own makeup, please come in with makeup already on. (Apply makeup like you are going out at night and there is someone there you want to impress.) Bring what you need for touchups.

  9. Nails manicured (Clear nail polish is best).

  10. Wearing your 1st look.

  11. Your  old headshots, so we can talk about what you like or do not like about them as well as samples of what you would like your photos to look like.

  12. Lip Balm, to keep your lips moist. 

  13. A GREAT attitude. (This really really helps!)

  14. DO NOT get a hair cut the day or few days before or use any new product on your hair, face or body.

  15. Please DO NOT drink alcohol or take any drugs before your shoot, save it for after the shoot. Just kidding.

How should I look for my shoot?
For headshots, you want to look like you, ok, little retouching does not hurt, but you want to look the same as when you arrive at the casting agency. If you look different then how you usually are the agent may very well be upset because you wasted their time and will not call you again. 
For Modeling, its a little different, you photos and you need to look as good as possible. 

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my shoot?
Models  - Look at magazines for  posing ideas and practice posing and your expressions in front of a mirror as much as possible. Pose the same way the models are posed in these magazines and try to improve the pose. Know what poses and expressions you look good in. 

Actors - Also look in magazines and other headshots, get ideas for your shoot. Practice in front of a mirror, know what expressions work for you. Practice Smiling, practice a sexy look, practice serious, practice, practice, and practice. 

Both - Get a good night sleep before the shoot. Drink a lot of water before the shoot. Do not use alcohol or smoke the night before and day of the shoot ( The smokers reading this are saying YEA RIGHT! )

Do I need a makeup artist? Will you work with me if I don't use a makeup artist?

Do you have a makeup artist?
I have few different artists that come to my studio, prices range from $100.00 (Makeup) - $150.00 +(Hair and Makeup). 

How long does it take for Hair and Makeup?
This process usually takes about an hour. Makeup Only 30 minutes.

How and when do you get paid?
I require a 50% deposit to hold the appointment date. Then the balance is due at time of the shoot. For deposit I can take a check or Credit Card payment traditionally or via Paypal

For the final payment I prefer cash.

The deposit guarantees a session with me. Appointments are first come and first serve. If you would like a session without a deposit, this is not a problem but there is no guarantee that I will be able take your photo! : (

What if I have to Cancel?
You must send me an email two business days otherwise you lose your deposit. SORRY! If you need to reschedule, no problem, I will honor your deposit for one year after it was made, after this time, there are no refunds.

Where do you usually shoot?
In NYC (118 East 28th Street, New York , New York, 10016) and New Jersey (New Milford, New Jersey (Next toParamus), depending on where the client is located. Also, on location which is Anywhere!. 

Do you recommend Natural or Studio light?
Both, Depends on the needs of the project.

Do you provide any discounts?
2 people booking the same day : 5% off.
3 people booking the same week : 10% off
4 people or more booking the same week : 15% off.

What lipstick is best for headshots?
I found that dark lipstick does not look good as they make lips look small (unless that's the idea) lipsticks with little gloss (pale pink) seem to come out the best.

With digital, can I have color as well as black and white shots?
Yes, I shoot color then transfer the ones you need to black and white.
New York Photographer New York Photographer(Sample Photos - Not Alex Kaplan : )

Is Dean Kaplan your son? Does he model? How old is he?
Yes, Yes, and 5 1/2

How long does a shoot take?
A shoot can take anywhere between one to six hours. It depends how many looks you choose and I do not rush! I make sure you are completely comfortable, how long will that take?

What do you prefer digital or film? Why?
Digital, its faster and easier in every aspect, I can view the images as they are created, quality is better because it  has a greater dynamic range then film meaning it can record more information in highlights and shadows. It has greater color fidelity and consistency. You receive a CD not negatives, this means, you can make copies of the CD so you wont loose it. Once the negatives get lost or scratched, forget about it. : ) Also, it makes RUSH jobs easier. 

**I found that to produce quality digital images, the photographer must invest between $5,000 to $10,000,  not all photographers can afford to do this, so they will talk down on digital to compete.**

I can shoot film as well , just ask!

Do you retouch?
Yes, I'm great at it, I have been retouching for 10 years. Here is a very small example:

New York PhotographerNew York Photographer

What do you charge for retouching?
$45.00 per print  for minor touchups. (You will receive a TIFF of the retouched for printing)

Can you provide multiple headshots?
Yes, Here are the rates:
50 Color 8x10s  with name and border for $150.00! (Minimum amount of one image)
250 black and white 8x10's with name and border for $150.00! (Minimum amount of one image)
500 black and white 8x10's with name and border for $200.00!!
1000 black and white 8x10's with name and border for $250.00!!!

These photos are to include a
very very small Photo: Alex Kaplan.

These prices are for headshot reproduction only, they do not include the photo session.

Can you provide Comp Cards?
Yes, Here are the rates (Comp Cards Only):
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Black and White 1 sided comp cards:
250:   $190.00
500:   $220.00
1000: $250.00 ** (In my opinion, for beginning models who want to send out cards to agencies to introduce themselves, this is the BEST way to go. 1000 cards is a good amount to send out when you are starting out, your main goal at this point is to get your foot in the door, I believe this is the best way to do it. Once you foot is in the door (An agency would like to work with you, THEN get the usual 5 Picture color cards for them to send out to THEIR clients. Here are the prices for the 5 Picture color cards:
50: $150.00
100: $175.00

These color cards usually have a headshot with your name on one side and 4 pictures on the back with your statistics.

When will the contact sheets be ready?
With digital 1-3 days, With film 3-4 days. I usually send you the contacts by email, there will be a link to a secured site with all your pictures. You can send the link to your friends, family and agent for their advice, then reply to my email with your final selections.

What are your prices?
Link to some popular prices can be obtained by clicking here . I work with all budgets, and you can alter any existing packages, just ask.

What equipment do you use?
2 Nikon D2x
1 Nikon D300 Digital Cameras
1 Nikon F5 ... 
1 Nikon N90s
1 Mamiya RZ67 Medium Format Camera

What's the resolution on your camera? For the techies!
12.4 Effective Megapixels: High Resolution 12.4 Effective Megapixel CMOS DX Sensor with fast 4-channel output for 4,288 x 2,848-pixel images.
I only shoot in RAW files, to get the best possible quality.

What kind of lenses do you use?
The most important part of a camera is its lens since the quality of an image is so dependent upon it. The most basic camera body fitted with a good lens can make a good picture, but the best camera body in the world cannot make a good picture if its lens is of poor quality. I use top of the line Nikon Lenses:
AF-S Zoom Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D ED-IF Autofocus Lens
Fashion/Modeling: AF-S Zoom Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8D ED-IF Autofocus Lens F-S Zoom Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8D ED-IF Autofocus Lens
Fashion/Modeling: AF-S Zoom Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED-IF Autofocus Lens
Headshots/Portraits: Telephoto AF Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D Autofocus Lens

Are you gay friendly?
Yes, absolutely!

After the shoot, What happens?
3 Business days, you will receive an email from me with a link to your online password protected contact sheets. Depending on your  package you choose the images you like the best and want to make into 8x10's. You will reply to my initial email with the image numbers, whether you would like them in color, black and white or both. I will have the 8x10's (or what size we agreed upon), and the CD (or negatives) and send them to you or you can come to pick them up. Basically you will only need to make one trip (initial shoot), the rest we can do by email or telephone.

OK, there are a few things we can do. With DIGITAL ONLY, I can send you a link to the contacts the next day (so 1 day turn-around) for an extra $55.00. If we shoot on Thursday, you will have your contacts on Friday afternoon latest. If that's not fast enough, I can show you the shots right after the shoot for an extra $125.00. Rush with film is available as well but MUCH more expensive.

I don't really want to shoot digital, do you work with 35mm film?
Yes, this is not a problem, I shoot film just as good as digital.

Can I bring a friend, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, anyone to the shoot with me?
Yes, this is not a problem BUT please make sure you are 100 percent comfortable with this person. If you need to look and feel sexy and you have no problem doing that with MOM staring at you. From my experience its better to come to the shoot alone. I feel I work better alone as then I have complete attention and connection to the person I am photographing.

What are your hours?
There are no set hours, I shoot by appointment anytime that is good for you. 

Will you take 3/4 pictures?
Yes, I take all kinds, real close, head and shoulders, 3/4, full length, depending on what you need. 

Do you guarantee your work?
Your satisfaction is my first priority.

Are you a member of any Photographic Society?


Professional Photographers of America.

Professional Photographers' Society of New York



American Society of Media Photographers


National Association Of Photoshop Professionals

Do you shoot on location?
Yes, please send me an email with details of your needs and I will give you a custom quote!

Do you just shoot headshots? Can you shoot portfolios for modeling?
Yes, some samples:

Can you restore some of my old photographs?
Yes, for more info please click here.

Do you work with children?

Will ©AlexKaplanPhotography.Com be displayed on my images ?
No, Its just this way on the website : )

Do you provide Gift Certificates?
Yes, Not a problem!

What is the best way to contact you?
I would say the best way would be via email : )

Can you provide me with some testimonials about your work?



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(Please supply phone number)
Location #1
115 West 30th Street, NYC, NY 10001
Preferred - > < - Preferred
By Appointment Only

Location #2
New Milford (Next to Paramus), NJ 07646
Preferred - > < - Preferred
*** 917.992.9097 ***
By Appointment Only


Accepted Traditionally or by Paypal.






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