Testimonials for Alex Kaplan, New York & New Jersey Headshots & Model Portfolio Specialist * Testimonials for Alex Kaplan, New York & New Jersey Headshots & Model Portfolio Specialist

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"As a professional performer as well as a personal coach of 30 years, I have encountered many photographers. Alex Kaplan has a wonderful personal style that promotes relaxation for an artist in front of the camera. He captures that, "state of being", so important for any "living" display of a personality. He does this creating an atmosphere during studio and location shooting, that produces composite results of great variety. This offers a great number of wonderfully selectable images to choose from. Alex Kaplan's lighting and technical skills are among the top professionals in the business."

Wayne Allen Wayne Allen Studio

Alex, you were great. Anyone who can make me
look good in a photo is great. I enjoyed speaking with you. Your studio was very comfortable. Look forward to
future business with you

Dr Stephen Kanter

Hi Alex,

Thanks again for the fast, pleasant, and professional work.

I have nothing but good things to say about Alex and his work. I'm by far not a photogenic person, but Alex captured me with professional photos that made me look my best.

Robert Marks
Vocal coach, conductor, arranger, director, and composer, specializing in helping singers showcase their talents off to their best possible advantage.


Hi Alex,

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of our whole team for your fabulous work! Not only did everyone love their headshots, but all 4 people reported that you were extremely professional and easy to work with. We were all amazed at the speed in which you turned around the shots. And, we were easily able to make our deadline with the website developer. Thanks for everything. We will happily send you additional employees.

Thanks much,

Adelaide Fives
Principal Partner
career solutions for women


Thanks for the quick turnaround, professional process and great use of digital/web technology. From a client's perspective this made it VERY easy and seamless!


Hey Alex, I hope you are doing well, i would just like to say how much the headshots you have taken for me have helped me. In the past year and a half I have gotten much seen much more and have actually started getting Professional Regional Theater work partly because of the headshots you have taken for me. I hope you are doing well, and if you interested in seeing some of what I have done, check out the site for the last Regional Theater i worked for at http://www.tristateactorstheater.org/12NCAST.htm

all the best,

Andrew Danish - Actor

FYI- I cannot tell you how many people tell me the only reason they contacted me first before any other broker is because the picture looks so great!

- Fanny Montalvo - Real Estate Agent

Let me say that it was a pleasure working with you..I will definitely do the Photo credit thing and will also recommend you to all my friends who are looking to get good quality photos taken for practically any occasion .
I hope we will work again in the future sometime...you are definitely the one person I would go to again for any photo needs/Headshots/Pictures..


 I suggest that you emphasize your friendly, laid-back approach. Guys like me donít know what to expect from photographers. You were very personable and made me feel comfortable. Thatís a benefit that some of your competitors may not be able to offer.

Joseph B. Fay
Executive Director
Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

You do very nice work.

Michael V. Frieda, CLU, ChFC *
of U. S. Planning Group

Hey Alex;

Pictures arrived today. I AM HAPPY!!. 
The production and A&R people are happy.
 -----You made me look good man-----

Many thanks;

Bruce Brown - Professional Vocalist

Hey Alex,

Just wanted to shoot you an email.  I think I told you I was going out to LA for a bit in the beginning of the year.  Anyway, I'm back in NY now but I've been getting nothing but compliments about my headshot from all of the casting directors, agents, and managers that I met with both in LA and NY.  Just wanted to say thanks again.

  Jason Etter - Actor

Very, very good.  Great work as always!
Carolyn Daly
Daly Brink Public Affairs LLC

The photos are stylish and highlight your talent. You particularly have a knack for capturing peopleís images Ė capturing them at their best.

Michael McCain
Xlibris Publishing Corporation

I received the package today, and the pictures look amazing -- not 

because they are of ME, of course, but because the quality is 

excellent. ;-)

Thanks again. I'll be in touch.

- Scott Norman - Actor

I just have to tell you what a fantastic job you have done, I am really impressed with your quality work and your professionalism, I will recommend you.

Thank you very much, I am very satisfied with your work and as we spoke I would like to come back on some latter date and have you take some personal photos for me.

 Best regards,     

- Ruben Ostrov

Director of Marketing & Business Development 

US Planning Group A New York Corporation

The experience was fantastic and so are the results!

Richard Scott Brown - Actor

So I have been using our headshots for just about a month now and I have been called to 5 auditions and landed an off off Broadway stage role.

Just wanted to follow up and let you know the shots are working

Richard Scott Brown - Actor

Thanks for always thinking of me!

P.S.  The company photo you originally took of me was so terrific, I am still happy with it!  You're too good.


Sandi Schapiro
Licensed Sales Agent Realtor
Fenwick Keats Goodstein


Alex - thanks so much -  got the cards today. 
WE LOVE THEM!!! You're the best!!!!
As soon as we calm down with everything
I'll contact you about the photo of the 3 of us.

Thanks again!!
Christine, Nicole & Olivia Comito

Thanks for everything the other night. You were amazing and made the whole process completely seamless. Everyone was thrilled with how things turned out, especially me!!!

Crystal Noble - Louder Than Words PR Agency

Alex. just wanted you to know that we just received Casey's Headshot and it looks amazing!  We love it and are so happy with it. Thanks again for doing such a great job with him :)

Allison Cohen, Mom of Casey Cohen, Actor

I think you did a fantastic job.  I am very  pleased

Dr. Thomas J. Kersting - Author

OH MY GOD Alex you made me sooo beautiful. Almost cried as I hate pictures of me. Thank you sooo much! How much would it be to get other shots worked on.. The black and white one was soo sexy!!! Love it. Will be back again, and all my friends now have your card. Let me know about the cost of more pics

Natoya - A happy Client :-)

You made me very comfortable. seeing the shots on the monitor really helped me technically. I look forward to getting these photos out.

you will definitely get referrals from me. Thanks for your great eye.

Dean Negri - Actor

Alex, anybody who views photographs that were made, either on a CD or hard copies, are all very impressed by your talent, I am spreading the word. Thanks again

Anastasia Teper - Model

I can't imagine improving on the experience of the shoot itself.  I hope all your clients feel as relaxed as I did and have the care and talent lavished on them that you lavished on me.

Martha P. Nochimson - Professor of film and Literature, Scholar, Critic, and Author.

My wife and I came and had a hassle free, no stress event.  Alex makes clients comfortable and at-ease.

Michael J. Kortbus, M.D.

Photos from the Book Launch party are terrific! Thank you so much.

Judy Mang - Graphics Director

Cooper, Robertson & Partners, Inc.

I love the pictures. The shoot was great that is why I came back to you for my updated shots.

Tanya Morgan  - Actress

We are very happy with the pictures and recommending you to everybody.

Thank you,

Tatiana & Annabel Sharahy - Actress/Singer

Definitely the best headshot experience I've ever had. Until now, I had never walked out of the studio really happy and confident that I would have good shots that worked. The entire time I was so comfortable, and the little things (like the make-up mirror check, and the music. I am just so happy with how everything turned out.

Brianna Delfs - Actress



We just had a mini-firm meeting to look at the photos and we are unanimously very pleased with the way they turned out.  Thanks for the great work and for being so responsive.

Maguire Consulting

Hey Alex

I just got the headshots. They came out great. I will definitely recommend you if any of my friends need pictures done and will keep you in mind for the future.

Jack Levis - Actor

I can't imagine you could improve it at all! Not only do you take incredible pictures, but you make the experience fun, relaxed and memorable; I had a great time! Thank you again Alex! 

Lana Harwood - Actress

I had a great experience with you, you made feel very comfortable!

Tara Bennekemper - Actress

Thank you Alex. You are a real pleasure to work with.

Roberta Karsch - Designer

I think you are a real professional. You are a person who exhibits a high level of skill and personal charm. thanks again!

John Crann - Actor

I just have to tell you the photo arrived today and it turned out outstanding. Thank you so much for everything. I am truly grateful.

Doug Duca - Actor

It was great!  I felt very comfortable and at ease.  I appreciated your help in deciding what to wear, and the whole atmosphere of your studio is very inviting.  I LOVED the hair/makeup artist.

Jennifer Stafford - Actress

Thanks for a great job. Brian felt very at ease talking with you as you worked. You have a great rapport with children.

Debbie Kenny

First let me say that I loved the pictures and you did a wonderful job with the shoot.  I am very pleased.  This being my first time doing anything like this I was very comfortable.  The pictures came out better then I expected.  I have already handed out your cards to people that saw the pictures and wanted to know who did them.  I will be back for more pictures in the future.  I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to have photos taken.  There are so many good ones to choose from.

Tanya Brown


I just wanted to thank you for everything. I'm extremely happy with the photos and thank you for getting them to me as quick as you did.

- Jason Etter

I feel the shoot went very well.  I like the poses for the headshots, I had several to choose from;  I know for myself I look best in natural lighting.  There was a great variety of poses for both headshots and full length shot  which was great and expressions as well.

Roxanne Stein - Model

I absolutely loved how the shoot went.  Being that this was my first time taking photos I was a little nervous, but your warm personality and the talking before and during the shoot allowed me to open up to you on a personal level.  You truly made my pictures come out great.  I wouldn't change a thing.

Michelle Napolitano - Actress


I am recommending you to all my actor friends when they need headshots to call you. I had Very Positive comments about my photo's to those I had look over to help me pick out the shot's. I felt very comfortable with your style of photography, asking questions to get to know something about me.

M. Erik Michelsen - Actor

 Alex, you are the best. Totally put me at ease, great location, great makeup artist, cool music in the background, do great work/art, very efficient in terms of getting the proofs out via hi tech email - it's all good, man.

Scott Piro

I thought you were great, very professional and easy going. As, I'm sure the baby did as well. There were many great pictures to choose from.

We'll definitely use you again for upcoming family portraits.

Maria - Mom

Hi Alex,
I have not decided on exactly what I want, but I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE THEM!!!!  I couldn't wait another second to tell you this.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  You did a great job, and it was totally painless.  Everyone that sees them loves them.  I just wanted to thank you for the shoot and for your fabulously beautiful work.   I really appreciate it, and I will  be recommending you to everyone I know that is looking for great pictures and a great experience.  I will get back to you really soon on which contacts.
Thanks again,

 Jaime-Lynn - Actress

It went very well! I was extremely comfortable in what I thought would be a very uncomfortable situation. I was very happy with the shots and the attitude of everyone involved, it was a very positive experience!

Joe D'Angio - Actor

Everything was great, and my only trouble was narrowing down and
finding photos out of the many that I loved! Thanks so much for being
so kind and funny-- it really helped.

Lindsay Alana Wolf - Actress

I've never felt more comfortable in front of the camera!! Alex was able to bring out energy and emotions that I didn't know were there...You're the best!
Storm Alexander - Actress

This entire process has been a positive experience for me.  You've been very patient, accommodating (especially with regard to location) and the communication with you has been fantastic!  It's been a pleasure working with you, and I'm already looking forward to the next photo shoot which I'm planning on scheduling in October

Susan Kehoe


I love the picture.  I love a lot of them.  The shoot was incredibly comfortable, and I had a great time.  You are very personable, friendly, and committed to your work.  Thank you very much Alex,

Steven Smith - Actor

I had an awesome time at the shoot, I will definitely recommend other people to get their headshots done here.

Patrick Goodwin - Actor

Thank you so much for the great pictures. Wilhelmina is one of the top agency's in NY and I know that  we would never have made it into the door of this agency without you.
A Million Thanks,
Toni Hollain

I really enjoyed it. I was nervous and such at the beginning, but I was made to feel relaxed through the whole process. If I ever need to, I'd use the services again definitely.

Ryan O'Regan - Actor

The photographs look wonderful, and please extend this to your makeup
artist- Thank you so much for creating such amazing headshots for me!

Lindsay Wolf  - Actress

You're terrific at what you do. I felt comfortable the entire time, and I'm not usually relaxed in front of a camera. I'd recommend you anytime to anyone.

Janice Wood Wetzel - Photographer

I had a ton of fun getting my picture
taken. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you, and I was very impressed with the way the photos turned out. The whole session was so much fun I feel like you have a gift for capturing personality.

Amanda M. Drehobl - Actress

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Alex Kaplan and used several of his images on my site and in my promo material immediately.
I recommend you looking at his work as a solution for your career imaging needs.

Jagger - Actor

Glad I came back for more!
Heather-Dawn Sipler - Actress/Dancer

I really enjoyed my experience, it was quick and easy. I felt very  comfortable and had a lot of fun.

Chris Shkreli - Broadcaster


I was quite happy about the shoot. I learned quite a bit about myself photographically, and what I'd like to do facially next time around. Aside from that it was a great time. You provided a solid service in a comfortable setting. Excellent job.

J.S. Galasso - Actor

Good Morning! Thanks so much for my photo session Saturday. It was GREAT. I feel you did a wonderful job you made me feel comfortable and I was in and out and you did wonderful work. The package that I am getting is a lot for the price and I am grateful for that too.

Teko Morse - Actress

Just wanted to let u know it was my first professional photo shoot and u made this a great experience! I usually do not photograph well, and everyone had a hard time finding 1 or 2 pics to choose from. I look forward to doing this again with u in the summer! I would highly recommend u to all my friends.

Thanks again for making this so painless

Barbara Kessler - Realtor

Hi Alex,

Thank you so much!!  Harry absolutely loved them.  Iíll be recommending your services to other executives in our office. 

Please send the disk and some business cards to my attention when itís all done. 

Jenny Castro - Microsoft - Communications Sector, North America

Thanks Alex! My professors were all astounded by the shot.
Jim Shalkoski - Acting Student/ Actor


The shoot went very well, I felt very relaxed and very comfortable in front of the camera.  I'm sorry it took so long for the reply, I had to get the opinion of my Acting teacher, which I had to wait until school started.  But everyone thinks the contacts came out great, my teacher even asked me for your information to recommend you to some of his students! Thanks again

Laura Folger - Actress

Thank You!!

The photos looks wonderful. lighting is perfect, great backdrop.

Vida Zaher-Khadem - Film Director

Dear Alex,

I just wanted to let you know that I completed my first job with my new pics and my new pics got me not only in the door but cast in the new series "Johnny Zero" starring Frankie Zee. I guest starred in the second episode and it will air on Fox in January.

I wanted to share that with you.

Annie Gaybis


Dear Alex,

I know itís been a while since weíve contacted you. I just wanted to update you on Jensyn Oertel. Sheís been accepted to the prestigious Boston Conservatory and will be studying for a BFA Musical Theatre this fall. We are very excited for her! Most in the industry feel this is an incredible opportunity! Anyway, we use your headshots all the time and have had wonderful feedback on them. I pass along your information all the time. We will keep you posted on her progress and thanks again!


Christine Oertel

Alex, I love my shots! Thank you thank you thank you! Much props to you! You definitely did right by me... :-)

Evalyn Vaccaro - Actress, TV Personality

Hey Alex,

Thank you so much for getting them to me soo quickly.. They look great...I'm really happy with the results...And I noticed there were 106 shots instead of the 75...Thank you for that...

Thanks again.

Lana Schupbach- Actress

Hi Alex -

You did a GREAT job. Thank you.

I took a quick look - I will share these with my partners and Director of P.R. and let you know which one is the winner! There are several with which i could be perfectly happy.

Linda Eagle - President The Edcomm Group

Alex ...

I received my headshot back yesterday, thank you. I just wanted to let you know I was at an audition today and my headshot was given an A++.  They asked me who shot it and I gave them your name.

PS. for the record...everyone that sees my headshots love them.

Joli Julianna - Actress.

Alex ... from the first day I had sent out my new head shots, I was surprised at the many immediate responses I received from casting agents. I have been working on a regular basis.. thanks to the attention my (Alex Kaplan) head shots get.  

Joli Julianna - Actress.


Hi Alex,


This past weekend, Samantha competed in the Miss Massachusetts Princess pageant. She finished 2nd runner-up overall, and she won the Photogenic title using one of your photos!


Samantha will compete for the National Miss American Princess title in November down in Orlando, Florida and she'll also be competing for the National Photogenic award. Last year, she was 1st runner-up Nationally so we're hoping that your photos can win her the National title this year!


Thanks again!


God Bless,

Susan and Samantha Coville - Beauty Pageants

Hello Alex I received my head shot it was awesome thank you very much, I am very happy with it and my wife also  I was very lucky to find someone that knows what he is doing and that takes his job to the heart ,  just too let you know that I got a call
already with the head shot ,,  oh I will defiantly pass your card around I have a few people that are very interested ,,

Thank you so much  Alex, I am looking forward to working with you again.

Bobby Sanchez - Actor

I love them all...............

Amander Minker  - Actress


Gary Andrews - Actor

Had a wonderful time, knew what to say and how to get the best look from someone who's never had their headshots taken. Thanks so much.

Scott Brown - Actor

Wonderful!! Great pictures and a great experience- very professional yet made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!

Michael Richards - Actor

As publisher of That's Life! Entertainment Magazine I constantly need photographers at a moments notice. Alex Kaplan is always there for us and has provided us with excellent service many times. He has a very unique eye and always provides us with top quality images.

Kevin Leckner, That's Life! Entertainment Magazine

I'm very happy with the results. You did a great job! Thanks!
I'll definitely be recommending you to my colleagues and any other industry people looking for a great photographer! You're at the top of my list for future projects too.

Paul Boyd - Inside Edition

  The shoot went very well, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the pictures. The photographer was pleasant, cordial, and professional.  I would definitely use this service again.

Regina Young - Actress



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Testimonials for Alex Kaplan, New York & New Jersey Headshots & Model Portfolio Specialist * Testimonials for Alex Kaplan, New York & New Jersey Headshots & Model Portfolio Specialist